Reliable Locks for Your Home

Reliable Locks for Your Home

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If you are in the market for new home locks, allow a professional locksmith to give you some helpful suggestions. They can advise you on the types of locks that are most effective and where to place a specific type of lock. This is especially helpful because you may have a high security lock installed on a door that doesn’t necessarily need one. The risk of a break in may not be as high where this type of lock is installed, therefore, it might be better to move it where it will benefit you the most. If you’re looking for a lock but do not know which type of locks are available, you may simply rely on brand names that you are familiar with. This wouldn’t be a good idea because the locks sold by a specific brand may not be effective. Instead, get the help of a locksmith who is familiar with the effectiveness of all types of lock.

Reliable Locks for Your HomeMechanical Lock Functions

It may help to know something about the way locks are designed. Your standard doorknob lock has many mechanics that allow the door to lock and unlock. It is for this reason that you might hear these locks referred to as mechanical locks. Here are some of the mechanics of your typical doorknob lock.

Warded lock

A ward will not allow the bolt to move unless the correct key is inserted. They are used to obstruct movement. If the right key fits within the obstructions of the lock, the key will then allow the bolt to move.

Pin Tumbler Lock

The mechanism in the door moves once the set of pins are aligned. If it is not the right key for the lock, the pins will not align properly and therefore, the turning mechanism will not work.

Lever Tumbler Lock

There are levers inside the lock that will not allow the bolt inside the mechanism to move if the wrong key is inserted.

Although the mechanisms of the locks vary slightly, they all serve in protecting your home. Learn as much as you can about the various locks offered to you. It will be worth your while to do so.

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