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Do you finally want to get some honest answers to frequently asked questions about keys and locks? You can read the best ones here below! You won't only get answers to questions such as how to keep intruders out but also how to avoid lockouts and how to make wise choices

I have graphite lubricant. Can I use it to oil my locks?

Our professional locksmith advises against using this type of lubricant for your home locks. It is a rough lubricant and using it may damage the locks, and in turn the keys will not turn smoothly in them anymore. Instead, use WD-40 to oil your locks.

What is a key code?

If you look at your keys and see a combination of letters and numbers etched on them, they are the codes. If you break your key and you need a key replacement, the said code is very helpful in determining the type of key to be copied.

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